Frequently Asked Questions

Q :- What is

Ans :- is an innovative financial company that operates in the field of bitcoin, providing various services to individuals and companies. Through platform is offered "savings account" service, see details here. For services to businesses or custom services please contact us via the page Contact us.

Q :- Supported Countries

Ans :- believes in the free access to financial services around the world, and the removal of economic borders. However, for legal reasons we can not offer our services to persons resident in certain countries, the list of these countries is shown below:
1. Cuba
2. Iran
3. Libya
4. North Korea
5. Somalia
6. Sudan
7. Syria
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected].

Q :- Cost and Limit

Ans :- through platform offers the "savings account" service, this service is absolutely free, but has some restrictions, as you can see below: For more security you can withdraw only 20 Bitcoin per day, but we do our best to come in against all your needs if you have any special needs, we can provide the best solution for your situation. We currently do not apply commissions for deposits. For withdrawals of bitcoin, there is a small network fee of 0.0005 Bitcoin for each transaction, which is paid to the bitcoin network.

Q :- How can be transparent?

Ans :- We at believe that financial institutions should be more transparent about their balance sheets, thats why we are committed to offer the most transparency possible to our customers, we make this torough our unique feature inside the homepage, which allows everyone to see in real time several relevant parameters about our financial assets, such as total customer deposits made through our platform, and the APR. All this always keeping the privacy of our customers.

Q :- Where are you based?

Ans :- We are born as an international StartUp, since our operations team is spread around the world, especially in Europe. We have two offices, in Florence (Italy) and London (UK) but we are incorporated in the UK, because this is the ideal place to settle a company in the Fintech sector.

Q :- Is the interest rate variable?

Ans :- The interest rate that we offer through the "savings account" service is variable. This is because it is influenced by several factors, such as the profits of and the market situation. However, we are always committed to offer to our investors the greatest security possible and consequently an interest rate as stable as possible. However, we reserve the right to change it in any time. The interest rate can not be negative.

Q :- What the Annual Percentage Yield is?

Ans :- Annual percentage yield or APY, is the representation of the annual interest rate considering the factor of compounding. The fact that credits the interest every day, allows you to take advantages such as compound interest and the freedom to take your bitcoins in every moment. Sometimes it can be shown as AER (Annual Effective Rate).

Q :- What is the actual APY?

Ans :- The interest is variable as previously mentioned, however, on our homepage and inside the user interface it is shown a percentage (APY) that represents the average of our interest rate for the last 12 months.

Q :- How often is the interest paid?

Ans :- The interest crediting of the "savings account" service is processed on the users accounts every day at 00:00 GMT. The fact that the interest is credited daily, has many advantages, such as the possibility of withdraw your bitcoins when ever you want without having to wait long periods of time, so do not bind, and then you have the advantage that you get compound interest.

Q :- How interest is calculated?

Ans :- we calculate your interest by using a sophisticated algorithm, taking a look at the actual time that the Bitcoin have been on your account. For example, if you have kept the Bitcoin to your account only for 5 hours, you will receive an interest proportionate to the time of permanence of your bitcoins on our platform.

Q :- Is there a minimum deposit to get the interest?

Ans :- Yes, to receive the daily interest accreditation, there is a minimum deposit of 0,01 Bitcoin, but you can choose to deposit and withdraw any amount you want, inside the limits previously shawn.

Q :- Can I make a withdrawal at any time?

Ans :- Sure, you can request a withdrawal of your bitcoins at any time, we do not bind you in any way. For added security, we do not make use of hot wallet for withdrawals, this means that we authorize manually every transaction in output to ensure the highest safety. We are committed to confirm the transaction within 24 hours by the request. However, for security reasons each user can only withdraw 100 Bitcoin at day, anyway please contact us and we'll come in against your every need

Q :- I've lost my password?

Ans :- If for some reason you have lost your password, there is no problem, you can reset it safely through this link, you will receive an email to confirm your identity and then you can reset your password . If you have any problems during the process, please contact us.

Q :- How can I register to

Ans :- To create a account, go to signup, enter some information, such as name, surname, email, and password, then accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions, and then click on "Sing Up". Then you will receive an email to confirm your email address. Now you have created a account, and you have full access to the "Saving Account" service.
For a business account please contact us at [email protected]

Q :- You offer other services?

Ans :- Of course, we provide a number of personalized services to small, medium and large financial institutions. Since the nature of these services, please contact us if you are interested to them.

Q :- I can contact you?

Ans :- Of course, you can contact us and ask any questions you want, you can find all our contact details in the "contact page".

You have other questions? Contact us